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The University of Chicago Pub

Where: 1212 E 59th St, Chicago, IL 60637

What: The UChicago Pub is a pub that offers wide selection of food items, beers, and bar games to UChicago community.


The UChicago Pub is located in Ida Noyes Hall, on the University of Chicago campus. The pub enables faculty members, undergraduate students, and graduate students to connect and engage in a safe and lively environment. The Pub encourages a diverse amount of social interaction ranging from billiards, card games, and project work. In addition, the private club offers a full menu that includes a diverse number of items ranging from food items to craft beers.

To encourage the fun and collaborative atmosphere, the Pub offers various special events such as Trivia Night. Trivia nights take place on Tuesday at 8PM and allow for up to 8 friends to participate in the trivia-based questions which can lead to cash prizes.

1. The Pub encourages people connection through:

A) Bar games such as billiards and shuffleboard

B) Greenbush Night

C) Brewery events that allows for members to communicate with representatives from all of Chicago

2. Place connection is established through:

A) Local brewery offerings

B) Centrally located on the UChicago campus to allow for graduate and undergraduate student participation

C) Weekly trivia allows for group and individual participation

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