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The Rink

Where: The Rink, 1122 E 87th St, Chicago, IL 60619. Opened in 1975.

What: The Rink is a roller-skating rink that provides a space for people of all ages to roller skate, dance and play activities.


The Rink owner want the place to be a welcoming environment to all community members. From beginner to expert, any person can roller skate without feeling embarrassed. With a rink for experienced skaters and a rink for people to practice, The Rink builds an inclusive environment for anyone.

Although I have not gone myself, I watched a student documentary on The Rink, and I could tell the tight-knit community bond. Every night there is something special, whether it be a party or themed-music night.


1. People connection (how does your third place activate community?)

· Host parties and events for churches, schools, park districts, PTAs, PTOs, ALCAs, fraternities, sororities, nursery schools and day care centers

· Teach lessons to people who want to learn how to skate

· Offer pool, ping pong, and dancing in addition to roller skating which brings people with many different interests together

2. Place connection (how does your third place activate the public realm?)

· Near Hyde Park so it is easily accessible to all community members, including a families and students

· Encourages anyone from all ages can join in, no matter what – a very inviting place

· Do not mind being filmed; there multiple documentaries on The Rink where community members are interviewed. These documentaries are public so anyone who views them are motivated to go!

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