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6th Street Promenade

Where: 6th Street Promenade | 6th St. between Maine and Vermont in downtown Quincy, IL | Started in 2018

What: 6th St. Promenade is an outdoor space, developed by a group of property and business owners on 6th St. with a mission to create a downtown District destination by working together and visioning for Quincy’s future using 6th St. as a catalyst project.

In the past 5 years, 6th St. between Maine and Vermont has seen significant public and private investment. Property and business owners got together to bring awareness to the street/businesses while providing something free and fun for families to enjoy.

6th St. Promenade actually creates a Third Place, providing a new welcoming community space. The events bring people into the street, are a way for people to experience several local businesses and give people a way to connect with one another and the neighborhood.

1. People Connection

- 6th St. Promenade partners host monthly, free, special events through out the summer/fall for community members to enjoy,

- Invites other local businesses to participate on the street,

- Provides free live music, as well as games/activities for families,

- Outdoor food vendors available with “street food” for purchase

2. Place Connection

- 6th St Promenade takes a block and closes it down to invite people onto the street to recreate, connect and get to know their neighbors,

- Creates outdoor seating and temporary streetscape/parklets for people to sit, enojy and connect,

- 6th St partners want to help people envision what the space could be and look like with new infrastructure/streetscape, permanent built in seating, trees etc. Making people feel connected to the street as a destination.

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