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Third Place Champion Contest

CNU-IL presents the Third Place Champion Contest: a celebration of the places that  foster social connection, a sense of community, and participation in civic life.


We want to know what your favorite third place is, and why their third place is a community builder!


To enter the contest we ask that you upload a brief document or a  30-60 second video of your third place explaining what makes it a successful “third place”. 


Please submit your document and/or video by visiting or emailing it directly to


Three winners of the contest will receive a $100 prize as well as promotion for your Third Place!


Winners will be chosen on the basis of 2 criteria: 


1. People connection (how does your third place activate community?)

2. Place connection (how does your third place activate the public realm?)


We will be accepting submissions beginning August 19th.


The nature of a third place is one in which the presence of a "regular" is always welcome, although never required.”


-Ray Oldenburg

What is a Third Place?

The “Third Place”, a term coined by sociologist Ray Oldenburg, is a designation for a place that hosts the informal gathering of individuals beyond home and work.


It is a place that offers more than consumption-- it offers social connection and a place for civic life. Such places are often  pubs, coffee shops, bookstores, restaurants, barbershops, libraries, laundromats, and everything in between.


Third places are an incredibly important aspect of the built environment and are integral to walkable, dense, lively, and dynamic urban neighborhoods. We want to celebrate these places and recognize their contribution to the principles of New Urbanism.



Below, find an example of a Third Place submission.

All real submissions will be uploaded here at once after the submission time ends. At that time, we will also add a link to follow for voting.

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